For a free and committed vision of art

Despite the impression one may have, and even if many young artists have, in addition, a critical posture, there are few works that explicitly deliver a message about the state of society or the world today. What is the place of commitment ? What is the legitimacy of indignation ?

This form of irony, which can suggest denunciation and accusation, and would direct the spectators and commentators towards moral, ethical, but never aesthetic disgust… So be curious, surprised, open… and enjoy the indignation provoked !

In Art, scandal and controversy are allowed. But don’t be mistaken! The artist does not denounce, but obliges his commentators to question themselves about life and to direct not only their answers, but especially their actions towards hope, because as long as there is life, there will be Hope !

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Painter and sculptor of 49 years old and a self-taught man with an atypical background, DJO exhibits his paintings and sculptures Made In France all over the world. Find his key works by visiting the dedicated section of the site or by visiting the social networks of the artist (Facebook and Instagram).