Your decoration by DJO IN BORDEAUX-Biarritz

WHO I AM ? Sculptor Hyperrealist painter

Self-taught, I discovered painting at the age of 18, then sculpture in 2005. Because of my atypical career – as well as the beautiful encounters that have punctuated it – I exhibit my works and my artistic achievements abroad: Shanghai, Dubai, New York, Monte Carlo, Saint Tropez. Sometimes hyperrealistic oil paintings, sometimes metallic works… By settling in the Landes in 2016, he shapes a new balance and feels this desire to stage his creations.

Invite art into your life by revolutionizing your interior decoration. Passionate about exterior decoration, I put my artistic talent and my creation forward, at the service of renowned companies, but also at the service of individuals. From the advice on the staging, to the custom-made installations by myself, I have at heart to answer your desires while reinventing myself every day.


An atypical course…

  • 1991-2000: Local exhibitions.
  • 2001-2002: Gallery “The portrait”.
  • 2003: Engagee series black and white “Colors of the world.

National and international exhibitions

  • 2004: Cotation Art Price

  • 2004: Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo “Colors of Africa” series

  • 2004: Creation association ” Harmony “.

  • 2005: Kenya Serie in black and white “Safary

  • 2005: Shanghai black and white series

  • 2006: New York – London – Monte-Carlo (gallery 13)

  • 2007: Gent Belgium

  • 2007-2008: UAE, Dubai (gallery Art Attack)

  • 2008: Karlsruhe, Germany

  • 2009: Saint Tropez France

  • 2009: Creation of the wallpaper collection “Made in St Tropez” (company Netherlands)

  • 2011: Design Award Paris Armchair by Valion

  • 2012: Design Prize Strasbourg Hotel Mercure, Woman’s room 2030, Man’s room 2030

  • 2013-2014-2015: Realization of a series of 56 committed oil paintings “The Art of living together

  • 2017: Monptellier – Toulouse Art 3F

  • 2018: Biarritz Art Shopping – Bayonne – Arnedo Spain Toulouse – Carcassonne

  • 2020: Creation association ‘/e suis libre “

  • 2020: Paris Metamorphose . 2021: Biarritz – Deauville

  • 2021: Paris contemporary art fair (*)

  • 2022: Plymouth USA (*)

The “Touch’Art”

For a few years, I have created a new artistic genre: the “Touch’Art”. These works made in France are made with brushes and oil paints reflecting portraits of stars, mixed with technology.


For any information request or to make an appointment concerning your outdoor decoration projects by DJO in Bordeaux (and in the surrounding area), you can contact me either by phone or via our contact form.