Colors of Africa

I remember…Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, year 2004 – Project “Association HARMONY.

I, the little “MUNDELE” as they say, the “white”, the “returnee”…dazzled, challenged by the unlikely candor of the smiles of children, these same children infected and waiting for care at the clinic in the city I was visiting…

These smiles, yes, like a hymn to life, a thumbing of the nose at a death which, precisely, prowls at the slightest rustle of leaves or caress of the wind… This same death which can take you away at any moment and in the greatest indifference of the world.

These children taught me humility and the moment, the joy of being alive, quite simply

“Why then, I have repeated to myself so often?

Why so much hatred towards these “brothers and sisters”? How is such condescension, such contempt, possible?

These questions have constantly haunted my stay and still cross my mind…

I admit that I felt poor, miserable, cold, because I discovered what cannot be bought: sharing, a spontaneous and authentic human warmth.

This stay with them was a slap in the face, a lesson…

I claim this unity, this respect and I have always wanted my art to be a federator and today more than ever, at the service of projects… I humbly think about it

Because art, yes, is a universal language, without borders, races, religions

It unites beings in the same sensitivity as the keys of the piano, “ivory”, “ebony”, are inseparable to compose, together, a hymn to joy, to life!

Thank you…and “Pardon”, Africa….